WP fail2ban confirmation e-mail not working

WP fail2ban seems to want me to sign up for blocklist, which requires me to subscribe using Freemius?
Anyway, I received an e-mail with the subject, “Thanks, your confirmation link from WP fail2ban” with a “Confirm your email” button, which, when I click takes me to a page that shows “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page”

How do I complete this subscription so I can activate blocklist as I’m being told to do?

Could you have a look at the Freemius debug page (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=freemius ) and let me know which version of the library it’s using please?

thank you for your reply.

SDK: 2.5.3
wp-fail2ban: 5.0.1
wpf2b-addon-blocklist: 2.2.0

Any ideas?

(this is some more meaningless text to get above the required character count)

So, I guess it’s not fixable?

This still appears to be broken, by the way