WP fail2ban Blocklist] maxretry must be set to 1

I’m getting this error on my WordPress health dashboard: WP fail2ban Blocklist] maxretry must be set to 1. I have set up the wordpress-hard file as requested and restarted the service after but I still get this message. It’s as if it doesn’t recognise the configuration. The link to the documentation shows 404 Not Found and I cannot find anything with regards to this online.

Could anyone please advise as to how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for letting me know about the docs link - I’ll make sure that’s fixed in the next release. You can find them here.

The Health Check must be able to read the config file or it would simply skip the check. Can you post the jail configuration?

Thank you for your response. Is this what you are referring to?

The maxretry does seem to be set to 1 as per my screenshot. Any idea on how to check/ensure the Health Check can read the config file?

What does the rest of the Health Check message say?

“ The maxretry setting in a fail2ban jail controls how many times an IP address can trigger events before being blocked. Any changes to the fail2ban settings must be made by your server administrator.

The Blocklist Network Service (BNS) provides IP addresses that should be banned immediately. To do that, maxretry must be set to 1.

In the wordpress-hard jail maxretry is currently set to 3

If setting maxretry = 1 is not suitable for your requirements you will need to use a custom jail for the Blocklist.”

I think what’s happening is that there is also a [wordpress-hard] jail defined in jail.d/, and that takes precedence (at least for the Health Check - I’m not sure which takes priority for fail2ban itself - I’ll have to check).