What to put in wp-config.php and where to get wordpress-{hard,soft}.conf?

Hello Community,
I*m interested in using this WP-Plugin and reading the latest docs to learn how to set it up and configure it correctly. Section 4.3. fail2ban I guess ist supposed to explain how to configure the plugin via wp-config.php and where to store wordpress-{hard,soft}.conf.

Unfortunately the documentation doesen’t contain any example or description of what to put into the wp-config.php. So I cannot figure out what I have to do to set it up correctly. Could someone please explain what I have to put into wp-config.php and give some examples for common use cases?

Where do I find wordpress-{hard,soft}.conf? Or how do I create them? The docs say where to put them but not where to get them.

Thank you in advance for your help. It is much appreciated.