What exactly is the Cloudflare Add-on, and how to install it?

Hi there!

I’m using the free version of WP Fail2Ban, running on Ubuntu 20.04.4 (focal), with nginx 1.21.6 and PHP 8.1.4. I also use Cloudflare (among several other layers) as protection & cache in front of all my websites, and have fail2ban(v0.11.1) configured to actually block IP addresses on Cloudflare’s firewall (as well as reporting those IPs to AbuseIPDB). All of that is working well and fully operational, even before I’ve ever installed WP Fail2Ban for the first time.

My question is simple: on the admin panel for WP Fail2Ban I can see that it says Cloudflare Add-on — Not installed. Indeed, I didn’t install such an add-on — because I cannot find it anywhere!

I was wondering what that add-on might be, and where it can be found?

Searching for it on the WordPress Plugins Library, on the https://wp-fail2ban.com main website, or even on Google, doesn’t return anything useful. The best thing I found was an obscure reference on the new (still under construction) website, Life with WP-Fail2Ban. Sadly, though, this particular page (assuming there is any content in it!) is currently password-protected and not accessible to the public.

Note that I’m not asking how to configure fail2ban with Cloudflare; I’ve already done that, æons ago… also, there are plenty of references to that everywhere. Here is an example, straight from Cloudflare’s community Discourse. Or perhaps an old (but still fully functional) tutorial is better. There are many other articles/posts/threads about this subject online.

No, I was actually looking for what the WP Fail2Ban calls the Cloudflare Add-On.

And, assuming that it exists ‘somewhere’ where I can access it (i.e. it’s a free add-on like some of the others)… what are its features, and where can it be downloaded?

Many thanks in advance!


  • Gwyn

The short answer is: it’s not released yet. ETA is July.

I’d planned to do the CF add-on next, but for $reasons decided to add support for IPv6 instead. It didn’t seem worth the effort to do a release to remove a harmless status message on a page almost no-one looks at.