Undefined property: stdClass::$slug error with google site kit

With the Google Sitekit plugin enabled, the warning:
Warning: Undefined property: stdClass::$slug in /wp-content/plugins/wp-fail2ban/lib/update.php on line 28
is visible at the top of wp-admin. The $item object passed in is missing the slug parameter, causing the error.

I’ve already raised a bug with google sitekit here: Missing slug parameter on auto_update_plugin filter · Issue #7086 · google/site-kit-wp (github.com) since this seems like an issue with them and not you, but, I am reporting it here anyway in case you want to add a check to avoid the warning occurring.

PHP is 8.1
Wordpress 6.2.2
fail2ban 5.0.1
Sitekit version 1.101.0

Thanks for the info.

You’re right, it’s really for Google to fix (it’s meaningless to call the auto_update_plugin hook without setting slug - how do you know which plugin you’re calling it for?), but I’ll add a check in v5.1 anyway.