I’ve done my best to make this release both functional and stable so it’s safe to test, but please remember that this is beta software - good backups are your best friend!

This is a Premium-only release. If you don’t already have a license you can start a trial. You then need to enable beta versions - it’s a checkbox on the Freemius account page. If you’ve already had a trial but want to try this version, send me a message via the contact form on the site you’d like to use and I’ll sort it out.

New Features

Project Honey Pot

The most interesting feature is integration with Project Honey Pot.

In theory, it should provide a good way to block comment spammers and some other bots before they have a chance to do any damage.

In practice, I’m not yet convinced of its usefulness. However, it’s one of those things you have to try over a period of time to be able to judge properly.

Please try it and let me know how you get on!

Blocking XML-RPC Requests

This is a feature that’s been on the “to do” list for a long time; thanks to @mhweb it’s now been done.

You can allow Jetpack access with a single checkbox, and you can provide a list of trusted IPs in the same way you can for trusted proxies.

There’s a new “hard” filter to catch bots that try XML-RPC - in testing this has been extremely effective.

Again, give it a go and let me know how you get on.


Please, please make sure you backup your database! This version adds a new column to the log table, and while I’m pretty sure you can roll back to without problems, I strongly recommend a good backup, just in case.

Have fun with the new release and please do let me know how you get on.

Thanks for using WPf2b!