Logging seems to have stopped


I use WP Fail2Ban on numerous sites on 3 CentOS 6.x servers (up to date). Logging seems to have stopped on 2 of the 3 servers at some point in the last weeks. The 2 servers that are no longer logging anything from WP Fail2Ban are both cPanel servers. The one that is still logging is a fairly vanilla CentOS. I have grepped the entire /var/log/* directories of each server and it’s not as if they seem to be logging somewhere other than /var/log/messages where they have for years. The plugin just doesn’t seem to be logging at all. A previous thread in these forums suggested looking for php errors in error_log, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. My php.ini files look OK.

Of the two servers that are not logging, one is using apache and the other LiteSpeed. The server that is logging is using apache. I’m wondering now if it’s the php handlers? The server that is logging is just using the Apache DSO. The two non-logging servers are using FPM/FastCGI and LiteSpeed V7.3.1. At one time they were both using suphp.

So, I’m starting to suspect the php handlers, but am not sure how to verify that, or even what to do about it.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

To verify that something has gone wrong, I’d suggest you try adding Sentry to your WP installation, it will log errors for you and then you can pinpoint where the issue lies. Good luck.