Fail2ban appears to be configured to work with blocklist message

I just got an error message on site health saying the I needed to change maxretry from 3 to 1 on wordpresshard conf. Now that I changed this value to 1 I get this errror:

It says “You are using the standard hard jail with maxretry = 1” but I don´t know what this means and how to correct it if this is wrong.

Best regards.

TL;DR: you’ve found a bug.

Everything is fine with the configuration, it’s just a display issue in the Site Health Tool (the test is marked as failing instead of passing).

I’ll release v2.2.1 later to fix it.

Thanks for the report!

I’ve just released v2.2.1 which should fix this.

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Thank you very much for the support and solution provided, I didn´t know it was a bug. Best regards.