Disabling Last 5 Messages Breaks Dashboard

As the title states, adding the following to wp-config.php causes the admin dashboard to be a blank screen:


Also, I can’t seem to find where it was described what this constant does, but I distinctly remember reading it. If it’s meant to be used, maybe the docs should be updated.

I’d also like to ask in what cases the above would be helpful. The thing I read (that I can’t find now) stated some esoteric environments.

I figured it out. It turns out that’s the wrong constant. The correct one is here, but it’s only linked to from this page, which is why it’s a little hard to find.

So to reiterate, the following is wrong:


And the following is correct:

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Yes, that’s the correct define - the other clearly got missed by a search/replace during development…

I’ve fixed that for the next release, and the coincidental bug which would indeed cause a blank dashboard.

Thanks for letting me know!