Code suggestions

is there a github repository in which submit a merge request?

I’m currently using the plugin in a multisite enviroment, and it would be awesome to use the capability install_plugins instead of manage_options, so that subsite admins won’t be able to try to “upgrade” to the paid version or register on freemium (since they actually can’t).

I’ve using this modified version for one year and it works, so I think it would be useful for everybody else in my situation :slight_smile:


There may be in future but not right now - it’s another thing to manage and there’s nothing worse than a git repo that doesn’t deal with PRs in a timely manner.

Which version are you running? 4.2.x didn’t have any multisite support; 4.3.x does, and uses manage_options and manage_network_options - there should be no reason you need to change anything to install_plugins.

If there’s something I’ve missed where install_plugins helps I’d love to know about it.

Hi, thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

I’m on 4.3.9. But I have tried to not make the change when I upgraded from 4.3.x. So maybe it’s working as well, I’ll test it :slight_smile:

install_plugins is an interesting capability because it’s a Superadmin prerogative when you are in a Multisite enviroment, and it’s an Admin prerogative when you are in “normal” WP installation, so by using it, it’s possible to simplify some logic, that’s all.