AlmaLinux v8.9.0 / CPanel - WP-Fail2Ban not logging auth failures

I’ve configured Fail2Ban on my clients CPanel Server. It’s configured with AlmaLinux v8.9.0 and PHP 8.3

The SSHD jail is working, as are the 404 Jail I created.
I’ve created the WordPress Jails and Filters.
I’ve installed WP-Fail2Ban plugin
Checking the “Last 5 Messages” Widget, I’m seeing the failure messages:
“Authentication failure for [[username]] from [[ipaddress]]”

That is the login attempt that I made to test this.

However, that message is not appearing in any logfiles. I’ve used a Find with grep function to search all the log folders and then, in desperation, from the root folder down, and it’s not there.

Checking another message on this forum, I’ve also made sure that
backend = auto
is configured in jail.conf.

I’ve tried
define(‘WP_FAIL2BAN_PLUGIN_LOG_AUTH’, true);


define(‘WP_FAIL2BAN_USE_AUTHPRIV’, true);

in wp-config.php but neither seems to work.

I have reached out to the Hosting Provider for assistance in the logging issue but I’m not holding my breath.

Can anyone provide assistance or point in a direction to look?


What does journalctl -e say if you run it just after your test failed login?