Instructions for Bronze version?

Hello. I bought the bronze version for a year and installed it. I was told there is a User Interface. All I see is a bunch of things to check but almost no instructions for what to check or how to use it.

Remote IPs

I bought it so I don’t have to fuss with entering code in the backend, which I don’t understand. I assume there must be a guide as to what to check. Please advise. I assume this bronze plugin is for people like me who just want it to work.


PS I can’t even find the paid version category so I will add it to the free version and hope for the best

Nobody here knows? I bought the Bronze version and asked via email from the Plugin. I guess the mis are busy and will eventually get to it. But if some KIND READER knows where the documentation is on how to configure the paid version, could you please share.

Thank you.

I bought this because there was no support for the free version or answers to my questions. I am not a coder and i don7t have access to scripts. So I thought the bronze one would have instructions on how to use. More questions to support and still no answer. I have written to fremius to ask for a refund.

I am going to post this at the top. I have already written to support with no response.

Because there was no documentation and no response to my messages, I finally was able to get a response from fremius and cancelled my bronze subscription. I really wanted to like this plugin.