Feedback from a confused ex customer

I bought this plugin on the strength of a review on the Kinuta page. Initially confused, I assumed that wpfailtoban and fail2ban were the same product, or rather that this plugin was a plug and play version of the much more confusing fail2ban code.

After being unable to find any instructions on how to configure the plugin, I wrote 3 notes from about 24 days ago, none of them receiving a reply. What was more disturbing as that the free plugin site on directed customers here and there is a note saying you don’t offer email support. So great, I hoped you were monitoring this board.

Because I was having ddos attacks with my previous host, I was eager to get things working. But a developer suggested that too many wp plugins could do harm too. Finally i am now in the process of moving to a more secure VPN.

Meanwhile, Leo at Fremius was kind enough to contact you and get a refund on my BRONZE subscription. On the other hand, even after all that and even though Leo showed me he was using your support email which you say is not active, I still did not get a confirmation from you. While I am grateful for the refund I really wanted to like your plugin if it had some documentation out of the box.

Regretfully I could find no documentation and it was impossible to guess what the settings were . Because of all the above I have deleted the plugin from the one site I installed it on. Thanks for listening.

Paul Arenson